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About the Lodge

The Glen Choga Lodge has a deep-rooted history in the Nantahala Forest. The lodge, completed in 1935, was built using saddle and notch construction. The property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. There is a long list of families who still live in the area who remember either their grandparents working at the lodge when it was an inn or their parents working there.  The area is proud to have Glen Choga Lodge as one of its many historical places.

Doug and Terri Matern bought the lodge in April of 2019. It had been for sale for many years after the previous owner passed.  The existing owners were planning on selling it at auction that Spring when we made an offer that they accepted.

The wormy chestnut logs harvested from the land and surrounding lands are sturdy and formidable. Hopefully, it will live much longer. While working with Preservation North Carolina, we have done structural work and infrastructure additions to get the house ready to share with anyone who has a heart for this rustic and simple building that has stood the test of time.
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Doug & Terri

We are excited to show our guests the house with all the antiques and furnishings that have lived here for many years. I hope our guests will enjoy staying in a museum-like setting.

Doug and Terri are from Florida. Terri is a Florida native, and Doug came with his dad, mom, and 4 siblings from Upstate New York to the Space Coast.  They have two grown children who are married, and one couple has a baby girl. They have been owners in the community since 1998 when they bought their first piece of property on Lake Nantahala. Terri and Doug love the mountains and all that it represents. They were married in 1984.